Fiber-Optic vs. Cable

Discover the advantages of fiber optic over cable internet. Learn why fiber offers superior reliability and performance, even during power outages.

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Fiber-Optic vs. Cable

What’s The Diff?

So, your friendly I.T. guy is asking if you want to install a fiber line for your internet? Or do you want cable?

He (or she) might as well be asking you to read ancient Sanskrit. 

You have no idea.

It’s actually not all that complicated. As usual, it comes down to your money and your needs.

To put it bluntly, Fiber costs more. That’s because it’s faster and more reliable than Cable. Cable, on the other hand, is cheaper and still supports fast speeds.

The question is: are you transmitting large CGI files across town—or the world— and need it to arrive quickly? Then you want Fiber.

If you are simply sending normal, everyday information, nothing too fancy-shmancy, and it can arrive in anormal time frame (only seconds) then you are good with Cable.

As an example, with Fiber you could download a two-hour movie in about 10 seconds. With Cable that movie would download in about 10 minutes.

Cable is less reliable than Fiber for one basic reason—Cable runs off electricity. No electricity, no internet. If you have lose power then you are kaput until the utility company gets the lights turned back on. On the other hand Fiber optic technology doesn’t need electricity. It transmits information as light by using tiny strands of glass. We know, it sounds very sci-fi. There’s a lot more to the explanation but what it boils down to is that Fiber-optic cables are more clear, faster and can travel enormous distances. They can also carry a lot more data than Cable.

For advice on this, the best thing to do is to call All I.T. They will help school you up on which way you should jump. They can advise as to the costs and the pros and cons of Fiber and Cable. Then they can install what you need quickly, neatly and with a minimum of hassle.

Analog Phone Service vs. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

And I Should Care…Why?

Seems like everybody today talks in code. Like what the heck is VoIP or APS?

This one is pretty easy. APS (Analog Phone Service) and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) are simply different ways that you can make a phone call. Yes, a phone call — as in speaking directly to a real person. We know that’s crazy radical now a days but sometimes it really is necessary.

APS is how people have made phone calls for over a hundred years. Your phone call travels the old fashioned way along those wires hooked to telephone poles. VoIP, however, is broadband based. This means your phone call travels as a data package via the internet. So, if they both can send and receive phone calls why bother switching over to VoIP?

Money is the first reason. VoIP can be up to 50%-75%cheaper than your APS.

The second reason is that the sound of VoIP is super clear. No more “Oh, you cut out for a second” kind of confusion. Thirdly, using VoIP allows you to make a call from any of your devices — computer, tablet, cell phone, etc. But no special equipment is needed with VoIP. You can use it with your regular office phone. When using VoIP, international calls are typically a fraction of the cost of APS rates.

VoIP scales up and down much easier than APS. Adding or deleting lines is super simple. VoIP also integrates with your other business software. This helps your company boost time efficiencies.

Talk to All I.T. They’ve got this whole VoIP thing wired (so to speak). They’ll give you the ins and outs of VoIP. Then they can switch you over from APS to VoIP with a minimum of disruption.

They’re fast, they’re good and they know their stuff.

Hire Another Company To Manage My I.T. ?

Can’t I Just Do It Myself?

Sure, you could handle your own company’s I.T needs—if you have the time. And if you have the knowledge. And if you aren’t up against an already impossible deadline on a project when your system crashes. Yeah, you could handle your I.T. needs.

But do you really want to? Chances are you just said, “No.”

All I.T. will ensure that your systems are compliant with your industry’s standards and keeping pace with all the innovations of current technologies. All I.T. is experienced with a wide variety of industry types including: Consumer Products, Financial Services, Healthcare & Medical, Hospitality, Law Practices, Legal Cannabis, Manufacturing and Entertainment. Plus, if your system encounters a problem we are Johnny-On-The-Spot to solve your issue—either at your office or ours.

ALL i.t. Solutions for Your Business. Call (231) 375-8682 for a Free Estimate.

We can discuss your current technical challenges and give you a plan, costs, and expected time-frames we can deliver results in.

Proactive IT Solutions for Your Business.

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We can discuss your current technical challenges and give you a plan, costs, and expected time-frames we can deliver results in.

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